I T ' S T H A T T I M E O F Y E A R A G A I N !

Hello blogettes! 

It has been too long! Between my trip to the States and going straight back into studies and working myself down to the bone, I haven't found a spare minute to blog...but alas I am back. 

It is that sexy time of year when the leggy VS angels grace their way down that glorious glittery stretch of platform  us mere mortals wish we were tall enough to saunter down. 

Who was your favourite Angel this year?
I think we all know who mine was judging by past posts!
What do you all think about Candice being graced with the honour of wearing the crown jewels? What do we Aussie blogettes think that Ms. Kerr was not part of this years show? 

Images sourced from Vogue.com, Tuula vintage and Instagram. 

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