O H L O L A !

I am anxiously awaiting (ok, maybe not anxiously, I do have a life...well...at the moment that's questionable because of Uni)! for the arrival of OH LOLA! but I am curious as to when it will be launched/ released Down Under?! Does anyone have the fainest idea? 

I am disappointed that the bottle has remained the same, on that note, I hope the scent has changed a whole deal from the original. I am a fan of the original Lola however, whilst I am generally a fan of floral/fruity/oriental (not that Lola an oriental fragrance) frangrances I find Lola can be very overpowering and sickening at times. Has anybody else felt the same way/ shared the same experience?

What do you all think of Dakota as the face for the new frangrance by Marcy Boy? Like? Dislike? Unsure? In the past I wasn't much of a fan of Dakota, but I think she looks incredibly beautiful in this campaign and she's beginning to grow on me. She most definitely suits the campaign. Kudos to Dakota's career choices of late and here's to hoping the frangrances smells divine...

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