M I D D L E T O N V. M I D D L E T O N


  1. freakingclassicbeautycowprincessahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

    looks a bit too phenomenal!

    I just noticed your McQueen post, i came home last night and found out who designed, i was a bit 'aweee' what a freaking honour to McQueen hey?? she looked flawless, I'm actually in love with the dress, watch it fly off wedding store shelves now AHHH!!!!

    great posts lately dear, love them all xxxxxxxx

  2. how magical was the whole thing?! wills looked like a little toy solider in his red uniform loved it! i want me a prince charming hehe! and hunni thank you oh so much for your beautiful comment <3


  3. Kate 100%. Pippa is SO over-rated. Although, she did look pretty good at the wedding, but generally, nup.

  4. Yeliz - How indredible are those shoes? I would never wear them but they a like works of art! I couldn't fault her such a beautiful, elegant and regal young woman! You're posts are a bajillion times better! :) xx

    Il etait une fois - It was so magical I actually teared up, no joke, and I NEVER cared about the royals until now. You're welcome anytime, I look forward to your posts! :)

    Ness - With you there baby! Pippa isn't really that attractive and on the skinny side but totally agree she looked mega at the wedding a tad detracting from Kate. xx

  5. Boths girls look so magical! I love the colour of Pippa's dress!

  6. gosh, i loved every second of the royal wedding.
    way more than i had anticipated really.
    pippa was the hugest babe in her maid of honour gown.
    and as for kate's wedding dress. freakin' wow. x.


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