D R E E E A M E R, N O T H I N G B U T A D R E A M E R

Image Source - Monicarosestylist

 To begin with, doesn't Jessica Hart looks a lot like Miss J. Hawkins in the second photo? Or am I really just as blind as a bat! (I feel like such a mum saying that ha ha).

Recently I've become more and more of a fan of Sass and Bide. I mean the last time I found myself really infatuated with thier collections was when I was a 14 year old buying Sass and Bide jeans for the first time. Don't get me wrong, they definitely went through their shitty stage of designs (rats leggings anyone?) and slutty little cut out dresses from their last few collections but this resort collection really makes my heart go giddy up!

The general aesthetic element behind this who collection is dreamy. Not too structed nor based on following lines/ linear patterns, it's soft, gentle, sophisticated, young and gossamer all mixed up and thrown out for us consumers to all devour. J'adoring the silvery/pink and orange coral colours it's just reminding me how desperately I want summer to hurry up and get here!

love, love.

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