I ' M S T A Y I N G

I've decided to keep on giving to all bloggers out there. However, it comes with terms and conditions.
I want to know what i'm doing wrong, how I can be a better and more interesting and exciting blogger.
Am I too self centered? Honestly? I won't get upset, promise.
What would you all like to see more of, read more of?
Less of me, more of me, more written posts, editorials etc?
Should I change my layout? How so?

I've had quite a rough time with Uni work :(:( and personal life
the last few months and I realised blogging is the only thing
that keeps me a little sane and a little
bit on the ball.
What's new with you all?
I've missed it and you all.
Despite the fact I don't have a huge following
[which I was sad over as I felt I wasn't having
a good affect on anyone, nor had anything worthwhile to say]
I've decided it no longer bothers me as I am happy for what I have!
Love, love.

p.s. it's my 21st Birthday soon.
I've layby-ed a White Suede dress I will post soon,
does anyone else know where
I can get another nice dress in Melbourne?
I've been everywhere and I mmmmmeaaaaannn everywhereeeee!

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