the dinner, the letter :)

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Last night was the most exciting, surprising, special and nerve racking night I have experienced recently (along with a few other moments!) I have never been more surprised by anyone or action and thought put into something for me in my whole entire life, ever! I did not suspect anything, the location or the gift! It was the most meaningful, romantic, special and beautiful night and gift I could have ever asked for. Everything was perfect! The location, the food was delicious and the exchanging of gifts, words and actions. The letter given to me is the most special, romantic and meaningful thing given to me out of all the material gifts I have received in all my 19 years of life. Nothing could compete with it or replace it. It is my most prized possession. I never ever thought that somebody could make me feel this way and I never ever thought he would give me that letter. I was starting to believe my note and postcards were just a bother with no reply. However, after last night I do not believe that. No object that money can buy would have, or ever will be better than it. Nothing is in its league. As I think material objects are meaningles unless there are words and special and shared memories and thoughts associated with, and behind them.


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