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I love who we are all the time!

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These are all the things I think of, picture, imagine, feel would love to happen when I think of him which is all the time. These images represents things we have done together, (a snapshot of moments we've shared) what I would love to do with him (especially the skinny dipping *insert embarrassed face here* and how I feel about him and how I hope he feels about me They also represent o me what I beleieve love is and to be. He makes me shiver, nervous, excited and he's the only that I can be myself 100% around. I have always believed that there is really only one person out there for each person in the world despite the population as whilst it is easy to find other people you share things with, like and perhaps love, it can only really ever apply to one person. I apologise to whoever thinks this is cliched and corny, it's not these are my honest feelings. Cliched is believing life is perfect and people aren't flawed and everything happens like it does in the movies. That's just silly and unrealistic, I'm a realist baby and this is me!

I've never told people I believe that as I thought I was never worthy of love so I used to say the contrary but deep down that's how I've always felt. I sometimes have to hold back from crying just because I know I am so lucky to have found him or he found me, I love looking into his eyes all the time , I love when he laughts, I love when he smiles, I lov e kissing his lips, feeling his tongue on mine and me, his fingers gripping into me, when he pulls my hair, when he caresses my face, runs his fingers up and down my spine. I love everything about him and everything he does. My main priority us him and making him feel the same. :)
-Love N.

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