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I finally received my mark for the major assignment of my legal studies subejct, Discrimination and the Law the last week. A good mark always puts a big smile on my face :) albeit, I did make several silly mistakes which another re-draft may have corrected.The image posted is a photo of the final copy of my essay before I handed it in. The question was as follows...
Critically discuss discrimination and anti-discrimination measures using the following quote: “The dichotomy between formal and substantive equality not only graphically highlights the elusiveness of the meaning of equality per se, but it also goes to the heart of Western liberalism. It is in the interests of the liberal state to obfuscate the meaning of equality and eschew any expression of aims which might endanger is legitimacy in the eyes of its diverse constituents. In any case, the liberal state cannot divorce itself from legal formalism with which it is inextricably intertwined. Therefore, it is the concept of formal, not substantive, equality which is a central tenet of liberalism” (Margaret Thornton in The Liberal Promise, 1990)
Gender (e.g., sexual harassment; pay equity; prostitution; pregnancy; breastfeeding; pornography; battered women’s syndrome; sexual assault; Indigenous women, gender and the criminal justice system; masculinity, law and discrimination etc.)

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