hello bloggerzoids, 
Cannot keep up with the Melbourne weather it's terrible, it's either cool and wet or muggy..real mood lifter hey?
On another note, I've been desperately attempting to sell clothes with not much success. I don't understand how other bloggers do it, they sell absolute crap and are success, constantly making sales, whilst my practically brand new clothes sit in a neatly folded pile in my room. I will however, not give up. below is the link to a Nicholas dress I purchased at Green with Envy just before Christmas. Worn once only and washed. I will also post this on my 'Sale' blog. Happy bidding :)


  1. I am thinking of selling my things as well, I had no idea a blog was a way of doing it.... what other suggestions do you have?

  2. Yes definitely! You can use any form of media, my most successful has been through eBay. Using a blog is a blog way of advertising however, I've never had anyone buy anything from me through my blog. I even sell second hand close at the RUSU Market at RMIT on Wednesday during semester 1 and 2. You can join me if you like and aren't working. I am starting up again next Wednesday :)

  3. Hi Natasha! do you know where I can find a Black one of this dress by any chance?? :) do you have an eBay store?

  4. Hi there,

    I have never seen a black version on this dress however, I think you should try any of the Green with Envy stores as it is where I purchased this from. The brand is Nicholas and I am certain they have the same cut out at the moment just different fabrics ;)
    Also, I do not have an eBay store per se but I do sell a lot of items. Search for madshopper89 that's me :)


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