S A L E T I M E R O U N D 2 D I N G D I N G

You all know the drill ladies, RUSU Market at RMIT, Bowen Street, BE THERE! 
All my pre-loved goodies are for sale, there are much more featured than the images above. NO CLOTHING OVER $10.00! 


  1. Too good to be true, dude! Everything under $10, amaze! x

  2. I know considering the prices I bought them for! They are all still in great cond.
    I hope they sell this time and go to good homes. x

  3. um, the colour of those tony's are so gorgeous!
    lady how do i get in on this sounds awesome, I have three MASS bags full of clothing to sell - good clothing too :(
    I've photographed them all and I'm not sure whether to get it all on to ebay OR start a facebook album to sell?
    Let me know if you're ever interested in heading to Camberwell market to start a stall, I'm keen, and I know Taz was a while back...I need some mulla so I'm letting things go!
    ummm how excited are you, Angry Boys on weds night :)))))) xxxxxxx

  4. those shoes are fantastic!
    <3 mode.

  5. Thanks for leaving such a cute comment on my blog babe!!! Love to have you as my new follower!! Means a lot to me!!

    Have a nice day! Lots of love and Kisses


  6. wow thank you SO much for your sweet sweet comments hun! XXXX :) lol love that 'dirty laundry keeps women busy' image below X


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