P O P !

image source - littleplastichorses

i  am liking on the orange lipstick on this lovely lady.
I don't however, see that shade suiting me at all, I'd look like a clown!

The closest I can get to orange is coral and my favourite is Vegas Volt in M.A.C. 
 What is your signature colour? 


  1. OOoooo! I've been in the market for some bright matte orange lipstick, no luck as yet. It's such a great summer look!


  2. im craving for orange lips!

  3. are you INSANITY?????
    This would look hot bomb on you, therefore YOU are nuts!!!!
    I'm actually feeling dark plumbs atm I KNOW, kinda cliche and seriously 'practical magic' but it just works with the way I'm dressing atm, that does not make sense, BUT LET'S LIPSTICK SHOP SOONNNNN!!!!!!!!!xxxx

  4. Florabundance by M.A.C. is my faaaav. I don't know if it makes me look hot but it sure does make me feel hot when I put it on! I know it's not unique or original but I honestly cannot get enough of this stuff. And I love the smell of it...weird?

    I do want to try something that is out of my comfort zone, like this orange lipstick. Hopefully one day I can try to pull it off!


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