D AV I D L E T T E R M A N - R O B E R T D E N I R O & D U S T I N H O F F M A N - P A R T 1 - 2010.12.17

I enjoy the fact how they just don't give a shit about Letterman's BS questions. Two established actors who don't feed too his ego.

Who are your all time favourite actors, movies, short films et cetera et cetera?


  1. hey!! thanks for your comment honey!! I really like Roberto de Niro! great post! :D I'm following! Follow me :D



  2. you know what, Ryan Gosling is seriously growing in my eyes, you should check out more of his indie flicks, sooo brilliant! atm, in LOVE with Tom Hardy......oh dear lord can't explain ;p such a hard question but i love responding to your blog it's too fun ahahah! I watched the most recent make of Wuthering Heights again. kill me it's so sad! But these two actors are the epitome of brilliance ey, interview is definitely perfect and so very 'them', they've accomplished so much as actors, so who the hell is David Letterman to them? GOOD JOB LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!IL SHUTUP NOW!!!!!!!!xxoxoxoxo

  3. Deniro in Ronin was simply brilliant, I am also kind of partial to Snatch by Guy Ritchie! Fantastic post! I love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  4. I think Ryan Gosling is an incredible actor, I've always admired him, never seen his indie flicks, please give me a few titles and I will definitely check them out! Tom Hardy? The name sounds familiar but I can't picture his face. I haven't seen Wuthering Heights in yonks must watch it again! Glad you like repsonding to them it makes blogging all worth my while bella! :)

    I don't even like David Letterman he is such an arrogant so and so! The whole interview is hilarious they make him look like the a-hole that he really is. Don't ever shut up, I live for your comments!

    I haven't seen Ronin or Snatch another two to add to my list! Thank you :) I am now following you also.



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