L O V E M R . C A M P B E L L

Hey lovers, 
How is everybodies' Sunday? Mine's being spent forcing myself to read books for uni and browsing Solestruck. Anyone who knows me well, knows my penchant for shoes. Jeffery Campbells are a new-time favourite and I'm super glad Zomp now stock a small selection of JC's. Get your arses down there for anyone who's willing to look! Here are some of my favourites that I could see myself kicking arse in! They are chunky, rough-'n'-tough and dirty looking, just the way I like 'em.  


  1. um. no. you're amazing and this blog is coming along splendidly I definitely think you need to hand me a few pointers as mine is in epic suck mode BUT we can combine forces and I will make an effort to be as awesome as yours. This blog is seriously entertaining and you've collected some beautiful images. BUT I WANT TO SEE MORE OF YOUR FABULOUS SELF!!!!

  2. we should catch up and work on our blogs side-by-side. I mish you beb! Yours doesn't suck it's coming along splendidly! I will try, but I am too self conscious :\


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