what is your...

favourite item/ object of any sort that you own and why? Mine is the elephant necklace my boyfriend bought my as a gift to cheer me up and the Influnce book he bought me when we first got together and the House of Harlow cuff he bought for Christmas. Why? - because he bought them without me knowing or ever asking, because he knows my taste (he has great taste himself, he surprised me by doing so, when people know you so well, your tastes and love you for who you are. Those are the best items, gifts, surprises of all!

Also, my Tristan Blairs, they represent the best time in my life - meeting the most handsome considerate man of them all and knowing I worked hard to save up for something I really wanted. It made me feel financially independent.


  1. would have to be the silver tissot watch my mum gave me from milan when i was working there when i was 17 - i think the main reason being is that i never wear jewelerry because i always lose it and i've managed to hold onto this sucker for six whole years! hope you're having a good weekend gorgeous loveexox

  2. the necklace is so pretty! my favorite item is actually quite new, a personalized necklace my grandma had made for me for my graduation.

  3. awwwwwww so sweet!!
    the elephant is so pretty.
    my favourite item today is my new alannah hill thigh-highs I bought at the outlet haha.

    cute as xx

  4. beautiful necklace!



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