today I was...

majorly disappointed. On my lunch break, as many women like to (ok so I generalise a little who doesn't? I'm sorry laaaadies) I browsed shop after shop in the CBD. I walked into Green with Envy in Fliners Lane and found the ELLERY dress I posted about earlier. To my dismay it was no where near as it appears on the internet. Cheap fabric, worst sitching and tailoring I have ever seen, EVER! The embellishments were not dazzling or attractive. Thus, I will not be purchasing anything ELLERY anytime in the near future :( I was excited to see it in front of me and purchase it as well....oh well.


  1. oh are you serious? I'm totally in love with ellery :(


    gorgeous melbourne blog btw :)

  2. Are you serious? What a let down...
    I love Ellery too but not as much anymore, I have seen some things come into work and I get what you mean about the embellishments. Not eye catching at all.

  3. what is this ellery busines you speak of? i have no idea :// could you please do a post of the best shops in melbourne to check out? because i have no idea, plus i need to stock up on decent clothes as i am moving to sydney in two weeks, and we all know what that means... more pricey less choice etc... : (


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