Met Gala 2010

Image Sources - Zap2it.com & knightcat
Gossamer's Favourites
 Natasha Poly
Chloe Sevigny -
Then again I adore anything she wears, she pulls everything off so well in my eyes. The colour is devine.
Marion Cotillard
Carolina Trentini
Rose Huntington-Whiteley
Gisele and Tom Brady -
Rockin' that body and the fringing
Sasha, Sean and Kemp -
cool 60s.
M.I.A. -
except not her face or make-up she looks like a transvestite!!!!
Kate Bowsworth's dress -
that hair doesn't suit her and she's too skinny in the face.
Mila Kunis -
Cute as a button.
Beautiful fabric, colour, v. pretty.
Nicole Richie -
For obvious reasons. She has a great sense of style nowdays plus, I love a girl who can wear the right kind and amound of sparkle.

Who Gossamer thinks just looks plain yuck
Jessica Alba -
Ew. She's so boring and contrived! Poodle hair, fake smile. However, the colour of the dress is pretty.
Kirstin Dunst -
Can anyone say grandma? Not in the cool sense either.
Rosario Dawson -
Gorgeous face, toilet doll dress.
Bar Rafeli -
One word. Trashy.


  1. All of them are so stylish!!!

    Love Gisele Bundchen and Sienna Miller's dresses! They have such a killer body...

    Nice blog!


  2. i loovvvee the chick from harry potters' dress!! it don't know if i could pull off white like that but she looks amazing!! i'm pretty sure she's the harry potter chick?? i duno :/ :D love x


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