isn't it bothering...

...that in the blogger realm there are so (too) many wanna be alternative/ indie chick trying-to-make-it-big models imitating 4th and Bleeker so they get recognised! The irritating thing is they are getting recognised having media don them "fresh", "young", "individual", "new talent" when they're in fact not! It's kind of ridiculous, I find it funnily bothering. Thoughts anyone?  Do not be afraid to go against this, get angry, that's what blogging and expressing opinion is all about! :)

P.s. I hope I don't sound like a horrible, mean, jealous person. I wish all those people luck, I just don't like it when people are labelled incorrectly and when it seems as though they are imitating others to get somewhere.


  1. I see why they do it, but I don't agree with it.
    it's not original, but if it gets them recognised then of course it's what they will do!


  2. yeah i'd have to agree. just because you wear biker boots, say 'rad' a lot and listen to arcade fire doesn't make you indie/alternative. it's infact doing whatever the fuck you want and not caring about labels and sub-genres that makes you alternative/different. it's just as much the media's fault as it is all the stupid idiots out there becoming conformists in the hope of NOT conforming. /rant.

  3. i completley agree with you!! this disturbs me because somebody i know in particular is getting a lot of this sort of attention because of her blog. She in real life is a horrible person - i am not kidding - her friend and her stole money out of my bag one time when we were doing a photoshoot together- who does that??! anyway i know what you're saying, my friends cringe at some songs on my ipod and i don't care! they are still friends.. people should wear/listen to/do what they want..life is too short otherwise :-)

  4. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! love your comment!

  5. You are absolutely right!! People shoudn't imitate to another person...

    One sentence I read in a blog las week: "Be yourself. Everybosy else is already taken!"

    Thanks for your commemt!



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