Okay, so read here if you need some cheering up and would like to laught about how completely retarded I am fellow bloggerzoids. I have recently *I don't know if one would call it indulging but i'll use indulged anyway* indulged in sipping on dandelion root tea which tastes like abosulte shit in the mornings, just to cleanse my liver and to rid of the dark circles under my eyes, or so a health magazine claims and a natropath who backed that little bit of information up. Not only this to better my appearance but have taken extra special care in my skin regime and guess what? I've discovered the best gel cleanser for my skin type for only $10.00 from the Go Vita health store, goes by the name of Sukin uses all natural ingredients a part from two which are two long to type or pronounce and which I cannot be bothered googling them, this brand is also available at Priceline. Also, a Garnier blackhead scrub which I refer to as Minty Fresh - because of the smell and how it feels against my skin, all I can say is best ever, also only $10.00. You want to know why I'm so excited about this, because I've become sick to death of buying YSL moisturisers for $80.00 and only 50ml worth which do not work! Trust me i've purchased every name under the sun and i've found my babies. Okay, I must be so very boring right about now so I'll finished this up before I embarrass myself anymore!
Ciao x.

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