i'm baaaaaaack!

Hey homies, I'm back from my beach getaway was relaxing but at times stressful/ tiring (long long story)
Anyway I scored a tight little skirt off style stalker for $78- reduced from $139- gotta love those bargins.
Picked up a layby I had on a pair of wedges at Ninewest, will post photos up soon. I've seen sooooo many awesome pieces I would love to buy but as per usual I gots no mullah!
I did however, recieve my Victoria's Secret items in the mail and I have to say....I'm impressed, will post photos soon.
p.s. Ness if you read this I'm obviously back in Melb, tried calling you today but nessuno was a casa baby!

1 comment:

  1. Natasha, you're back!
    I missed you!
    We should do dinner or lunch on the weekend, or if you get this in time and you're feeling up to it, come out to play tonight, we're going to korova i think :| haha, something different


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