i need to save...my wants (not needs)

Cinderella ring *FAVOURITE*

Cinderella charm necklace *favourite*

Leather plait Cinderella charm bracelet *favourite!!*

Pochahontas dream catcher necklace *another favourite*

Cinderella bangle *another favourite*

Cinderella's slipper necklace *another favourite*

'Think of a wonderful thought' bracelet: Cinderella *One of my favourites - such a pretty colour*

Tinkerbell pendant

Apple necklace: Snow white

Pendant: Cinderella

I think these pieces are more meaningful than the usual standard jewellery, they mean something to me as they remind me of good childhood memories something we all should bring into adult hood. Disney films will always hold a special place in my heart and remind and make me think the best of people and life even when I'm not (no, I'm not disollusional nor do I think cartoons are like real life!) Now which piece do I choose as they are all so pretty pretty?!?!! Please bloggers tell me what you all like best and which I should purchase! :)

p.s. Cinderella is my favourite!! But the tinkerbell necklace is pretty pretty :)

p.p.s. I'm reallllly indecisive, I need help blogger friends!

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