birthday outfit ness?

The much awaited Talullah vest, Sportsgirl bandage skirt, backless leotard from Supre (yes I know, but they are good for some basics) Tristan Blair stilettos. Is it too black to wear for/ on my birthday?


  1. the vest! aww yeah. no i like it! you know i like black haha. i think it'll look great ;) maybe hair sort of up so you can see the vest, it's all detailed at the back isn't it?
    ps do i see rockband/guitar hero drums!?! are they yoursss!

  2. Awesome beb, I was thinking the same think about my hair up and yes the vest is all sequinced at the back looks good againts the backless leotard l ;) The guitar hero drums are Bruno's :) you should see how crapola i am at it!! haha i need lots of practice! I cannot waitttt to see yeww i miss you! X!

  3. great outfit you look amazing, cant wait to see more from you and your blog

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think



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