new is good, old is better

Soo..going into the city today was not such a great idea after all (only because I saw a trillion things that I wanted *not needed* for me and others which I most definitely cannot afford...at the moment of probably ever! This broke patch is evidently purpetual for me). It was supposed to be a nice day out with my Mother and a pick me up . It was a great day with Lady M we had a delicious lunch and long discussion which was lovely. Back to the rest of the day, I discovered some gorgeous original and inspired art deco rings from Keshett the one I really an in lust with is not pictured as it isn't posted on the website however, it is a stunningly simple little diamond shaped number with for diamonds in each quartered off section that fitted and looked like a dream. My mum offered it as a 21st gift but I don't think I deserve it and don't want my parents wasting that much money on me. If that wasn't enough Dolci Firme just ate and the soles of my feet just that little bit more. The photo does not do these babies any justice, but believe me when I say they are stiletto heaven!!! Totalling in at $649.00 a pop, it's $649.00 I cannot afford this month, season or life time. My boyfriends birthday present has put a large hole in my pocket that will last me a lifetime to regain but it's worth every goddamn cent! :(
Peace out lovers.

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