another one for the win!

eBay is my best friend and comforter in these times!
Jonathon Saunders for Top Shop arriving from Pariiii for 39.00 Euro ($63.64)


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  2. I think Jonathan Aston does some glitter socks, ive wanted some for ages too but havent got around to getting them shipped from the uk... Ive been meaning to ask you, I saw that you live in Melbourne and Im here for another week and I was just wondering if you could suggest some MUST SEE things before I leave? x

  3. Hi darls, I'll have to check out JA.
    If you are talking shopping wise here is a list:

    Miss Louise - The Westin Collins St
    Lady - Off Fliners Lane
    Alphaville - Flinders Lane
    Christine's - Fliners Lane
    Cyberia - Chapel St
    Aldo - Chapel St
    Lion in love - Flinders Lane
    Episode - Sydney Rd, Brunswick
    Dressing Room Emporium - Sydney Rd, Brunswick
    Savers - Sydney Rd, Brunswick
    Kinki Gerlinki - Sydney Rd, Brunswick
    Dolci Firme - Little Collins St
    Secondo - Chapel St
    Chapel St Huts - Chapel St
    Bronze Snake - Johnston St, Collingwood

    Are a few that come to mind! I shall think of some more for you :) x

  4. ohh, you should also definitely check out Retrostar on Swanston St, it's kind of in an arcade and up a few flights of stairs, but could be worth it.
    Also check out the National Gallery of Victoria on St Kilda Road, the gift shop there has unbelievable photography and fashion books and lomography cameras etc.
    And if you're here for the weekend, go to brunswick street on a thursday/friday/saturday night, there's always a nice atmosphere there, with lots of bars and live music, usually indie.
    hope you have fun!

    ps, props on the new dress nat.


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