100th post - i am the HAPPIEST girl alive!

Source: Le Love
The BEST, best most amazing and perfect boy in the WORLD said a certain something to me last night that has made me euphoric!
I cannot stop smiling, I have not stopped smiling and dancing around like a looney since I first began speaking to him! He has come into my life whisking me off my feet, making me smile and laugh beyond belief and filling my heart with a joy and feeling that is indescribable.

I love him with all my heart beyond anything beliveable.
He really means the world to me I hope he knows that I feel exactly the same and more! He is a special person who deserve only the best in life. I hope I can offer him the best in everything and all that makes him happy and make him as ecstatic as he has made me .

This is my 100th post and I would like to dedicate it to my darling boyfriend, thank-you babe, I love you. xx

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