F I N A L L Y !

Before I rant and rave about picking up my shoes, I must rant and rave to everyone that I have zee BEST BOYFRIEND in the whole wide world. He never ceases to amaze me he is also my best friend in the whole wide world and I only hope that he feels the same way about me. I have never, ever, EVER felt this way about anybody before and I hope I NEVER have to ever again in my lifetime because he is just too special to me and I at times think he is too good for little young me. He is just the most sincere, honest most beautiful and generous/ kind hearted person I have ever met in life and he offers me great advice in everything, even if it may not interest him and is supportive of everything I decide/ choose to do. So Bruno, I would just wish to say thank-you for allowing/ letting me be apart of your life :)

So back to the shoes, I finally picked my Blairs today after months of waiting because I have been broke! (nothing new there) I will be wearing them out to dinner with some friends tomorrow evening. I even adore the box, mega cool. Now they are not Balenciaga's nor Wangs that I am unable to afford at the moment (being a Uni student) but they will satisfy my needs...for now! Plus, we need to support our talented Aussie designers, I've been told Tristan is a Perth boy. 
BOTD handed to http://heavymetalfashion.blogspot.com, this beautiful and talented young woman weaves magic with DYI's and her blog is the first I ever came across, fell in love with and inspired me to blog (as well as attempt my own pieces). She has a ferocious sense of style, I love it! :)


  1. Hi beb - the blairs! Can't wait to see them on you tomorrow night. I'm thinking of wearing one of my furs. And maybe those Aldo boots. aaaaaaand, i'll call you now, sorry it's taken ages for me to get back to you! i was just informed you called now x

  2. Awww you rule!

    It`s moments like these that make blogging so awesome...Knowing that the stuff you do can actually be inspiring...




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