Silence is Golden

Yesterday and today have both proven to be great days (not that I ever doubted them) depsite the fact that I am still coughing like a mad woman, which has been the case since last Saturday.
Agent provocateur and I along with our other friend who I will refer to as Munziata, decided to try our luck on Sydney Road, Brunswick to see if there were bargins to discover. Let me inform you did we find bargins or what?
Firstly, having never been to savers, I was quite excited to go however, had always stopped myself from entering the store because it sold other peoples second-hand clothing unknown to me (my idea of vintage is finding amazing pieces my grandmother made for herself, my mother or my aunties.)
I only found one velvet zig-zagged Cooper St top which I was unsure of, I held onto it for a while, then came to the conclusion I was most likely only holding onto it because it was the only thing I saw that I liked (I think I have lost my mojo because I am sick and it smelled funny in there which did not help)
Agent provocateur however, found the most smashing Stephen Dattner chocolate brown/ burgundy fur shawl I have ever laid eyes on. It was made for her, we just cannot understand how anyone could give that number away to Savers?!!?!
Munziata, the least reluctant to go looking for a dress at Savers came out with two!
A little lace number and a cotton casual summer dress, now this is a fine effort for her as she is not one to shop at stores like Savers.
We then plodded down to Kinki Gerlinki and albeit there was a sale theres wasn't anything all that exciting there.
It was not until we arrived to episode where the real fun begun! Munziata purchased another two items and gorgeous little dress that was black and white horizontally striped underneath with a tight fitting layer of black fabric over the top. Yes, I know my description could not sound any worse but it is the best I can do with the way I am feeling at the moment.
Meanwhile I found just the see-through mesh (I'm not quite sure one would refer to it as mesh but it'll have to do for now) tank with a gold shine through the fabric. I know need to purchase a black corset/ brassiere to go underneath.
Our day was then follow by Mexican on Lygon where we met up with my boy (if that's what I can refer to him as) which was a great experience.
To be continued when I can stop coughing...
Today has proven to be a great day as I received the remainder of my results for Uni and they were no where near as bad as I predicted (it was just that damn Literature essay that ruined my life!) I will most likely be able to be accepted into law with what I received but that doesn't mean I can slack off this semester, I must work even harder!

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