New York Fashion Week, A/W 09-10 RTW: Yigal Azrouël
The fringe vest I have been craving for (and wrote about many posts ago) has been reduced *sigh* why must I have two layby's? This is how I justify perhaps adding another layby to my collection, if I do not win the Zara dress I am watching on eBay I will find some money from somewhere and put the vest on layby. I cannot control myself, it's not that I am a degenerate youth who has a large hole in my hand and lives off others, no, quite the opposite I work hard and save yet it seems as though I am constantly spending my mullah and always penniless!!?! I cannot fucking control myself (excuse my language) it isfrustrating the begeebaz out of me. Also I am in awe and yearning for the the tiger print jacket post to the right hand side above.
I would like to confirm - not that I have stated this previously but my blog ,despite appearing to be superficial and only containing posts of all things beautifully glorious and genuis, is not intended to only present what I believe to be beautiful that is in reference to people (famous or not) as well as clothing/items. I believe that true beauty comes from within and I have no tolerance for people who judge others and things at face value without truly knowing a person (I have often found people who choose to remain unidentified leaving nasty comments to other bloggers) One on my favourite quotes from a magnificent and truly intelligent writer captures my opinion to a T - What a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty is goodness. - Leo Tolstoy
People often confuse beauty as goodness. Do not be fooled beauty is not the be all and end all, intelligence however, is much more valuable and attractive.
BOTD is handed out to http://www.knighttcat.com/ such a sexy effing header and great content -- meoow (sorry is that was a little banal, I am lacky creative thought today.)


  1. aw, tiger/leopard print coat is wow! i would definitely love to have that hanging up in my wardrobe

  2. i read in M magazine on the weekend that M.Kerr is now doing the whole J.Lo thing and asking for white lillies and certain types of music to be played in her van thingy thought you would like that :)))

  3. Oh my agrrrrr how my dislike for her has now grown, although you cannot always believe what you read, I expect/ believe that behaviour on M.Kerr - conceited so and so ;)
    Thanks for the info babe. x


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