I ventured out once again into the city with one of my stellar babes, Ms Gasbarro (centre)the gloomy, wet Melbourne whether made it all the more fun as we totted basically everywhere and anywhere!
I will also add that today MUST have been the day that BITCHY SA's (sales assistants) were working! Here is a list the name of the stores where the SA's thought they were superior to female customers:

* Alice Euphemia (off Fliners Lane)
* Quick Brown Fox (Flinders Lane)
* Cactus Jam International (QV)
* Miss Louise
* Christensen Copenhagen
* Green with Envy (Flinders Lane)
* At few others V. and I did not even get a greeting.

The stores who had friendly staff incldued:
* LADY Boutique - Petrova is amazingly adorable!
* Alphaville
* David Jones
* Route 66

* And various other boutiques who had the decency to hire friendly staff instead of stuck up something or others who think the are above the rest of the universe.

I spotted and tried on this adorable number at LADY and am dead broke. Need ways to make money so I can layby, any suggestions?

Clegs was divine as per usual and having a sale so I suggest people go and take a look. Purchased black Grosgrain ribbon to make a necklace I have been planning on making for a while now with a brooch I purchased a while back (will post once completed)
For anyone out there looking for a good cafe/restaurante go to Solarino. That is all.
P.s. Christine's is having a huge for those of you out there who have money to throw away make sure to venture into Christine's, too bad I am currently penniless.

P.s. Love you Vanessa. x


  1. Lovely, the feeling is mutual. Today was really good! Brunswick is next. Oh, I wish I lived in Brunswick so I could ride my bike without feeling out of place.
    That vest is amazing! You need to buy it... after you pick up the shoes.
    Also, I haven't read that left-wing political magazine that I got conned into buying. Looks like we won't be attending the meeting- or the protest. Hahaha oh god....


  2. love that vest! :)

  3. my worst experience so far- by far- was in bettina liano (chapel st and little collins are equally as bad) the staff there are absolutley ffuccccckkkeed excuse the language another place i found was pretty bad was bardot. such skanks work there omg.. anyway love you blog maomaoma :)) xox

  4. Oh I agree marie-c,
    They are so rude, they have to remember they are serving us!! I haven't been to Bettina Liano's on chapel but at Little Collins the SA's there are the worst!! In all the Bardot store's the SA's are shit. They need to learn/ be taught customer service skills pronto. Love :) xx


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