Love the embroided/ sequin detailing on the black jacket

Jessica Hart
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Pania Rose

Catherine McNeil
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Elyse Taylor
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Miranda Kerr
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Today was my final day volunteering, until I have more time that is and decide to go back.

Whilst I have previously blogged that Russian models will forever remain my favourite, that is true however, it is not to be interpreted that I do not support our Australian girls and that I am super glad we are finally receiving more recognition within the international fashion industry. In asserting that I would like to make clear that I have no tolerance for Miranda Kerr - i.e. her look or her personality (from what is potrayed in the media as I obviously do not know her on a personal basis) I know I may receive hate comments for this yet I am entitled to my opinion. When she was initially introduced into the industry I thought she was the most gorgeous model around (this was high school when I just began taking intrest in anything related to fashion!) Then I saw her without make and though "oh she's okay nothing special." In stating this, I have seen many pictures of models without make-up before shows ect and are evidently naturally beautiful. Not long after this I saw her in several interviews (and many more since then) from all these interviews she seems like a pretentious, condescending young women who seems to be putting on a completly fake/ manufactured person who has a contrived style - she seems to have NO SUBSTANCE. I also believe she has more of a commercial look as opposed to high fashion. Again please do not attack me on my comments, they are simply my personal opinion and am not trying to persuade anyone otherwise.

However, several other Australian models who I believe are photogenic, great models and do not appear to be manufactured include: Jessica Harty (amazing most likely my favourite Australian model) Pania Rose, Elyse Taylor, Gemma Ward (what ever happened to her?) and many others who have not yet "made it" and/or internationally. I like the unknowns.


  1. I agree with you about Miranda Kerr and you have a beautiful blog :) x

  2. Good post nat! I mostly agree, except about Miranda - she is good looking, you just happened to put a not very flattering photo on your blog! Definitely a big fan of Jessica Hart.


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