H E R E I S T H E B E S T B O Y I N T H E W O R L D !

He's amazing, intelligent, funny, kind, supportative and just a huge babe. I could write so much about him yet I don't want to appear to be a rambling idiot! He is worth the mention and much more. Apologises for my appearance in the photo above with my beb = horrid on my behalf and my eyebrows hadn't been tamed and they evidently needed some TLC that day and my appointment was booked for the following day *eek*. Can't see my sexy skull top here *dang*
BOTD goes to http://thepathtouniversalism.blogspot.com - this girl is basically another me, she's fantastic and a great supporter. Her blog is fresh and she knows what true style is. Great job babe. x

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